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Dining menus on Cathay Pacific Whether you're travelling in Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First, our onboard dining experience allows you to explore the world as you're flying above it. Choose from evocative flavours from around the globe or tastes of home when you dine with us, all while staying invigorated with our wellness-focused options On all of the flights we took, two meals were included. If you didn't pre-select a specific type of meal, you could choose from several options on the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy menu. For the main course, there was always a meat, a fish or chicken, and a vegetarian option

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 Premium Economy Meal. The side salad was smoked salmon and egg on top of peas, corn, and carrots, mixed in a mayonnaise-style sauce. It was also delicious, and I was thrilled this wasn't your typical leafy green airline salad. Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 Premium Economy Meal Side Salad Cathay Pacific Premium Economy inflight snack: noodles Pasta in cheese sauce Ricotta raviloi, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus and lime herb cream sauce. Lamb chops Lamb chops with sweet potato mash, green beans, in mint sauce. Beef goulash. Cheese quich Premium Economy Menu From Hong Kong to London. Lunch. Caesar Salad with chicken. Stir fried beef with assorted mushrooms in oyster sauce, steamed jasmine rice and choy sum. Or. Feta and spinach stuffed chicken breast, creamy polenta, asparagus and marinated capsicum. Ice cream. Dinner Premium Economy passengers on Cathay Pacific receive a full size menu which is a quality touch. For comparison, British Airways passengers receive a small menu card I've never taken Cathay Pacific before, but when they offered to fly me in Premium Economy to Hong Kong, I was glad to accept. They let me check out the First Class Lounge for a bit and then it was off to HKG on a 1:00am flight

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Menu CX873Airline: Cathay PacificClass: Premium Economy Departing Gate: A3Arrival Gate: 26Departing Airport: San Francisco Int.. Relax in comfort. Your Premium Economy seat has a generous recline, expanded legroom and a supported head rest. Full-length calf rests and leather-padded footrests, already on A350 fleet and selected B777-300ER aircrafts, will make your journey even more comfortable. A larger meal table makes working and dining even easier, while additional storage. There's a clear and obvious dichotomy at play when you fly Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy. The hard product is excellent, with wide, spacious recliners that are padded perfectly. The soft product, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired

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  1. On the A350, premium-economy passengers were instructed to pass through the back curtains into the economy cabin to use the bathrooms between the front and rear economy cabins. Up to 242 economy and premium-economy passengers had to share these six bathrooms. The older 777 cabin had its downsides, but the premium-economy seats were certainly more plush and padded than the slimmer seats on the A350. I slept much better on the 777 flight than on the A350. Thick seat padding and.
  2. Cathay Pacific's premium economy product was a fine way to make the long-haul trip between Madrid and Hong Kong. The Pros: comfortable seats with a leg rest and tons of room to spread out. The Cons: The enhanced food items aren't much different from what you'd get in economy
  3. Passengers flying Cathay Pacific Premium Economy class will enjoy pre-departure drinks on long haul services which include a champagne option. Printed menus are offered on long haul services while medium-haul services do not provide menus or pre-departure beverages
  4. The Premium Economy cabin on Cathay's A330's that ply the Sydney to Hong Kong route is sandwiched behind a bulkhead, in-between the front of the Economy cabin and behind Business Class. It's clever positioning as it's very separated from Business, and more connected to Economy with just a non-structural divider between the two
  5. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy drinks - San Miguel Beer is that staple in Hong Kong, San Miguel lager. After the main course, the cabin crew offered Movenpick ice cream for dessert. It was rock hard, and notably, this isn't a special offering for Premium Economy, as it is also offered in the back of the bus

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy - Seating and Interior. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy features 34 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration on most 77Ws; however, on planes without First Class, the Premium Economy cabin features 32 seats. In either case, Cathay provides a generous 38″ pitch and 19.5″ of width for all PE seats An upgrade to Cathay Pacific Premium Economy is approximately $1200 more. Upgrading to Business Class is about an extra $4000. That's a huge price difference between premium economy and business class. So if you are looking for more travel perks and a more premium experience at an affordable rate, Cathay Pacific Premium Economy is the way to go Cathay Pacific premium economy on the 777 aircraft. Photo: Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific offers regular promotions in premium economy (more often than it does for business class). If connecting via Hong Kong to another Asian destination, check the different connection options as some onward flights may offer a premium economy cabin as well Cathay Pacific's Airbus A350-900 premium economy experience pairs the airline's newest seat with modern favourites such as inflight Internet access, a lower 'cabin altitude' to help you arrive feeling better-refreshed, and LED mood lighting to set the scene for the journey ahead

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  1. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Seats. That being said, (SQ touts that passengers in their Premium Economy Class will have a separate selection of food from the Economy Class, along with 3 instead of 2 options), but I don't remember having options that were more or different from the Economy Class
  2. As soon as you board, passengers in the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy cabin get complimentary drinks - Champagne, water or orange juice - and then a snack straight after takeoff - a small packet of smoked almonds and a drink
  3. 9/10 Ground Experience. 26/30 Cabin + Seat. 24/30 Amenities + IFE. 14/20 Food + Beverage. 6/10 Service. I recently had the opportunity to try out Cathay Pacific's premium economy cabin from San Francisco to Taipei on a quick trip home to visit my parents, and the experience left me impressed. Here's why
  4. On the A350, premium-economy passengers were instructed to pass through the back curtains into the economy cabin to use the bathrooms between the front and rear economy cabins. Up to 242 economy and premium-economy passengers had to share these six bathrooms. The older 777 cabin had its downsides, but the premium-economy seats were certainly more plush and padded than the slimmer seats on the A350. I slept much better on the 777 flight than on the A350. Thick seat padding and footrests, but.
  5. Is Premium Economy worth the money? You'll find out in this Flight Review! I tested the amazing Premium Economy Class onboard Cathay Pacific's Airbus A350-90..

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My first impression of Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy seats was a positive one. They are wider than standard with a much improved pitch, which means you can recline more and get a lot more comfortable than in standard economy. We also enjoyed improved blankets and pillows, a nice touch to be honest If you need 3 seats AND a bassinet, you won't be able to sit together. In Premium economy, the bassinets are only available in the side bulkheads where there are 2 seats. If you need the arm rest to move. None of the armrests in Premium Economy go up although do bear in mind that this is also true of most seats in the bassinet rows of Economy On most Sydney-Hong Kong jaunts, 15,000 Asia Miles is enough for a one-way upgrade from economy to premium economy with Cathay Pacific. From Hong Kong, those longer flights to London and Los Angeles can be upgraded one-way for 22,000/22,500 Asia Miles respectively - not bad value for a 13-hour flight. Here's what you need to know to turn your stash.

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Cathay Inn Menu, Cathay Pacific Menu, Cathay Pacific Food Menu, Cathay Pacific Meals, Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu, Cathay Pacific First Class Menu, First Class Dinner Menu, Spirit Airlines Drink Menu, Vintage Cathay Pacific Menus, Cathay Pacific Lounge, Breakfast Menu, Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Meals, Cathay Center Menu, Cathay Pacific 777, Supper Menu, New Cathay Pacific Business. After reading Norwegian Premium listed as the 5th worst premium economy product I just skipped the rest of the selections. The author is not worth reading. Norwegian Air Shuttle has the best premium economy product in the skies with 43-46 inches of pitch and an actual leg and foot rest in all seats Premium Economy Cathay Pacific premium economy class seats. Image courtesy of CathayPacific.com. Amenities include: Welcome drink on long-haul flights; Regular complimentary snacks and drinks; Spacious seating with generous recline and legroom (calf rest and leather footrest on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft

The A350 also comes with a premium economy cabin of 28 seats in a 2-4-2 arrangement, with the new design with a padded swing-up leg-rest, and 2 more inches of legroom over the Boeing 777. The A350 economy class has 214 seats in a 3-3-3 layout. Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class Cabin Image: copyright lux-traveller.com Bottom line. I can't wait to see these positive changes to Cathay Pacific's business class meal service introduced over the coming months.. On top of the new meal service, Cathay Pacific is also rolling out Gogo 2Ku wifi throughout their fleet, which should be available fleetwide by 2020. That makes a huge difference for business travelers as well Das Essen in der Premium Economy von Cathay Pacific schmeckt. Es ist kein kulinarischer Höhenflug, aber durchaus schmackhafter als bei etlichen Airlines. Hervorzuheben ist die attraktive Auswahl an Getränken - beim Wein wird auf Qualität geachtet, aber auch sonst bietet die Auswahl einige Highlights

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Cathay Pacific A350-1000 Premium Economy. Cathay's premium economy cabin on the Airbus A350-1000 is an evolution of previous premium economy seats, with updated tech and more ergonomic features. Padding is substantial, legroom is exceptionally good, entertainment screens are large and remotes are easy to use While Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific's business class consistently ranks among our favorites, its premium economy on its Boeing 777 and A350 planes is also worthy of attention Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class Meal - Double Chocolate Tart with Mango. Shortly after the meal I checked out the lavatory, which was located in the front of the cabin. It featured wood finishes, as well as Bamford toiletries. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class Bathroo The food is economy class food with plastic plates and the whole tone of the service is economy-style. The extras are pre-take off drinks and priority check in but on a couple of flights these services were not there. To me Cathay Pacific is trading on faded glory and is no longer a 5 star airline

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I know premium economy isn't a business-like product, but it really doesn't seem like Cathay is passionate about it and not having its own toilet in the A330... hmm. I'm sad that for just a little bit more than the cost of upgrading to CX premium economy, I could upgrade to business on MH and get all the bells and whistles that come with it, including lounge access, priority immigration and a whopping 40kg of luggage Routes: Premium Economy is now available on a variety of routes with Cathay, as they roll the product out across their fleet, the chances are, if you are travelling long haul, you'll be able to find a premium economy cabin. Frequent Flyer Programme: Marco Polo Club, a great earner, that allows you access to a fleet of OneWorld lounges and perk Cathay Pacific premium economy on board the A350. Food and service are up to scratch, with good entertainment options. Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Tim Richards travelled as a guest of Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific, Flight 873 to Hong Kong from SFO in Premium Economy. In mid-October 2017, I took the 12:50AM departure on one of three daily Cathay Pacific flights that operate between San. Cathay Pacific introduced a Premium economy Class in March 2012. The seat pitch is 38 inches - six inches more than Economy Class - and the seat itself is wider and have a bigger recline. It has a large meal table, cocktail table, footrest, a 10.6-inch personal television, an in-seat power outlet, a multi-port connector for personal devices, and extra personal storage space

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Firstly, I must say flight London to Hong Kong enjoyable but the rest 0/10. Ran out of meals to Perth (not being snobbish but a lot of money paid for premium economy so not expecting that). Then as the holiday nears it end I get a text from Cathay Pacific saying my flight had been cancelled One of the many advantages to sit in the Premium economy class is that you will get a headphone with noise-cancelling and amenity kit (a bag with socks, an eyeshade, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste) Most people complain about the 'bad' food on the airplanes (we too). We were so curious about the food of Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific A350-900 premium economy Food Review Twenty-five minutes after takeoff the drinks trolley and menu are distributed. White and red wine is offered, as well as spirits, beer, and soft drinks. Lunch is served soon after Fly Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy between Hong Kong and Kansai International Airport, return, from US$1,530 per person. Note: The author travelled on a full-fare economy class ticket and paid upgrade, without the airline's knowledge. Check out our other reviews here: La Petite Maison: A Touch of the Med in Central Hong Kon Cathay Pacific currently offers two flights daily from Vancouver International Airport to Hong Kong. You can choose to depart YVR in the afternoon (2:25pm PST) or in the early morning (2:05am PST). I chose the latter because it offered the most sleep time, allowing me to arrive 13.5 hours later in Hong Kong, at the beginning of a new day, feeling refreshed and ready to start exploring

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A. If you had a ticket in premium economy, you should have sat in premium economy. Cathay Pacific could have been more proactive about notifying you, and the refund should have been automatic and. The Cathay Pacific business class lounge in London Heathrow Terminal 3 is a spacious and comfortable with great food and beverage options. For a review of the adjoining first class lounge, click here.. Let me note at the outset that my visit to this lounge was in February 2020 Cathay Pacific's premium economy product was a fine way to make the long-haul trip between Madrid and Hong Kong. The Pros: comfortable seats with a leg rest and tons of room to spread out. The Cons: The enhanced food items aren't much different from what you'd get in economy. Similarly, you may ask,. I fly premium economy quite often and appreciate the extra space it offers but apart from that see few benefits over economy. As I flew it recently on one of Cathay's longest runs, the Windy City, I decided it would be a good chance to review it for our readers

Cathay Pacific Airways is Certified as a 5-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff I'm wondering if anyone could give me some feedback about CX's premium economy. My days of travelling long haul in economy are at an end and my company is paying for an economy ticket but I plan to upgrade myself. Problem is, it's only on Cathay, and their business class is very expensive (double MH. The good thing about Cathay Pacific in economy is they still provide two hot meals on most flights longhaul in economy, and don't restrict the booze. Unlike say Singapore (mostly just one hot meal, and a cold snack) or Emirates (just one meal in the middle of the flight).. I assume you'll be on a UK flight to Hong Kong, and back again? I do this route regularly

Cathay Pacific A350-1000 premium economy cabin. There were two lavatories behind business class, though one seemed to be reserved for premium economy, They served pretty quick for the Seattle flight, but then, it's a shorter flight (just over 10 hours). For food, I found CX catering to be good, but have room for improvement Review, photos and rating of Cathay Pacific CX 475 Taipei (TPE) → Hong Kong (HKG) by TerryYong . Flight in Economy Boeing 777-300ER The Premium Economy seat, itself comes with a premium of around 50-60 per cent on top of standard economy. Route: Auckland to Hong Kong Aircraft: Airbus A340-30 Cathay Pacific offers a baggage allowance of up to 30kg in Economy class, with 7 kg hand luggage. Any Duty-Free purchases must subsequently be included in this allowance. Checks were not made regarding my hand luggage overall weight. The Seat. The Economy seat and spacious and offers plenty of legroom over a longer sector When you fly on Premium Economy for flights more than six hours, Hong Kong's national airline Cathay Pacific offers you a black and white amenity kit from Hong Kong lifestyle brand Goods of Desire (G.O.D.). Cathay Pacific refreshes the amenity kit with a new design from G.O.D. every half yearly so they become collectibles for passengers

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After my last experience flying with Cathay Pacific and yes I broke my vow not to fly with them again. However, this time I flew on the Boeing 777 and in Business class. I arrived at Heathrow and no queqe at the Business check in and within 5 minutes after checking both luggage got my boarding pass. Before you even board Cathay Pacific in premium economy you can enjoy the relaxed experience with priority check-in and boarding, keeping the whole process smooth and stress-free. Once on board the Cathay Pacific A350, you will notice the smaller size of the cabin with a 2-4-2 configuration, giving you ample room to stretch out and relax during your flight

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy vs Economy Flight Review HKG - JFK. CX has a great Premium Economy product, more positives on the hard product than the service. I've also made some comparisons versus regular Economy class which I've flown many times Suites, first class, business class, premium economy class and economy Cathay Pacific: overall score of 7/10 and 4 stars in all categories except for one 3-star rating for food and. 13th April 2021 - (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Airways is accused of downgrading a customer's ticket from Premium Economy Class to Economy Class by not providing any valid reasons. The citizen inquired about the incident to the Cathay Pacific Customer Service Department, and the staff employee did not provide any explanation on the incident and [

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While the seats themselves will never achieve the luxury and comfort of the flatbeds available in every Cathay Business Class pod, customers will be pleased to find that the Premium Economy seat. Cathay Pacific: Premium Economy Cathay Pacific. - See 16,342 traveler reviews, 7,800 candid photos, and great deals for Cathay Pacific, at Tripadvisor Cathay's new premium economy cabin adds a fourth layer of service flights between the US and Hong Kong aboard new Boeing 777-300 aircraft for now, expanding to almost 90 aircraft by the end of 2013. The new cabin sits directly in front of economy and behind first and business class. Here's what puts the Premium in Premium Economy

Review: Cathay Pacific (777-300ER) Premium Economy, MAD to HK

Re: Cathay Pacific vs BA Premium Economy. 6 years ago. Save. I would rate QF first, BA second, and CX last when it comes to seat comfort, meals and service. CX has the best entertainment content of the three. Report inappropriate content You will have access to Cathay Pacific`s premium lounges. Those are located both in Hong Kong International Airport and globally, and provide exquisite services in terms of everything. Here, you may take a shower, manage your business tasks at workstations, have lunch or dine on the best meals of Asian and European cuisine, relax in a private suit, or even visit spa procedures

Economy, premium economy, business and first class: According to customer reviews, it's Cathay Pacific's food and beverages that are letting the airline down Cathay Pacific said the Hong Kong-based carrier plans to launch premium economy cabins on long-haul flights from the second quarter of next year, tapping a new source of revenue Premium economy on Cathay pacific - Air Travel Forum. Tripadvisor Forums ; Air Travel Forums; Search. Browse all 100,113 Air Travel topics » Be careful also of paid lounges that you still have to pay for food, drinks or showers after handing over a fairly hefty sum just to get into an often crowded and uninviting space. Report. Flying Premium Economy with Cathay Pacific October 27, 2014 · by lorikeetlady · in Cathay Pacific Premium Economy , Solo travel . To be honest, if I could fly Business Class every time I would but this trip I tried Premium Economy on the A330 with Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific have a great premium economy round the world airfare using British Airways across the Atlantic. This is an excellent fare choice for oneworld and Qantas frequent flyers. This fare is more direct to/from Europe than the Lufthansa fare avoiding the need for a stopover at a European hub city

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The premium-economy seat looks slightly similar to the American domestic first-class seat, and you can tell it's larger than the regular economy seat, at 19.5 inches wide with 38 inches of pitch, also with a super generous recline. TOUCHING DOWN HK This is an excellent, award-winning premium economy product, as it combines the elements of a great seat, comprehensive software and fine service into an appealing overall experience Sleeping in these Premium Economy seats was comfy and I was able to get 6 hours of sleep. The recline is 8 inches which makes it easier to sleep. Prior to landing into SFO, we were offered breakfast and I opted for the eggs and sausage. The food on long haul flights is different between Premium Economy and Economy as the lids are labeled PEY

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Cathay's premium economy product on its A330-300 is an older product, which we last reviewed in 2015, calling it top notch, competitively priced, and a significant upgrade over economy class Review: Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy The definition of a long haul flight is a journey of seven or more hours and is otherwise known as 'hell'. It is especially hellish when the travel time is 26 hours, which is your typical trip between Australia and East Coast of Canada or the USA Cathay Pacific Economy Class Review: Final Conclusion. I found flying with Cathay Pacific a very good value for money. It is certainly worth booking Cathay Pacific economy class for more money than in a low-frills airline. If you're flying long distance and overnight travelling with them is a good idea

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