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Verdict. The Urbanista Seattle Wireless are one of the best-sounding pairs of style headphones you'll find for this kind of money. Their tech is fairly basic by wireless headphone standards, but the sound quality (when judged by their peers) is great. Prices - Urbanista Seattle Wireless headphones: Urbanista Stockholm true wireless headphones review Good looks, average sound By Jennifer Allen 17 July 2019 Either way, the Urbanista Stockholm true wireless earphones look lovely

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  1. The Urbanista London headphones connect to your listening device through Bluetooth 5.0, and they retained a good connection during my testing. Unfortunately, the headphones don't come with Bluetooth multipoint, so you can only connect them to one device. The battery life on the headphones comes in at 5 hours, which is fine, but not great
  2. Touch-sensitive controls are frequently awkward to get accustomed to, but in the case of the Urbanista Stockholm true wireless earphones, we were actually quite impressed. Controls are solely..
  3. Review: Urbanista Detroit. Budget headphones with budget sound. Even Urbanista has gone too far with the peeling knife, The design of the headphones is similar to Seattle's, what we say is that it is a very shelled design without any frills or visible logos
  4. The Urbanista London pack an impressive noise cancelling performance with good audio for what is a solid package. They're not the best sounding pair available, and the wireless connection can be a..

Urbanista Stockholm Plus - With the Stockholm Plus the Swedish manufacturer Urbanista have added light, cable-free earbuds to their range, they are weatherproof according to IPX4 and are characterised by a crystal clear reproduction of voices. In addition to Bluetooth standard 5.0, these slim wireless earbuds with AAC format also support a high-quality audio codec Continuing Urbanista's predilection for delivering good quality at a decent price, the Urbanista Paris are a neat AirPods-style set of true wireless earbuds. The sound quality could be a little..

The Urbanista Paris headphones are a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable true wireless listening experience. While the tonal balance might feel a bit off-kilter for the audiophile,.. Urbanista offers a wide selection of wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones and noise cancelling headphones. Find the best wireless headphones on the market The Urbanista Athens headphones connect to your listening device through Bluetooth 5.0, and we found that they retained a good connection throughout testing. The headphones have a battery life of 8 hours, which is pretty impressive for true wireless headphones Within 1 week I have bought 2 separate Urbanista Stockholm headphones and not one of them has worked. It's extremely disappointing. I bought one through Amazon UK, which I had to return the next day and then bought another at a Vending machine at Heathrow Airport T5. They were both dead upon purchase Urbanista Berlin review: Pocket-money wireless earphones for those who want Apple AirPods but can't afford them

We originally awarded the Urbanista Athens 3.5 out of 5 stars, having experienced some issues with the audio with our review earbuds, which turned out to be a faulty model. After receiving a new.. Urbanista Seattle headphones look the part, but do they sound good? Find out in our Urbanista Seattle review Switch to Kanye West's Power and, even compared with cheaper headphones such as the Philips SHB8850NC, the Urbanistas don't convey voices (or the space around them) with the necessary clarity. West's vocals sound murky and muffled, unable to cut through the deep bass or twitching backbeat as it should

Review of the Urbanista Stockholm wireless earbuds, some AirPod style Bluetooth earphones that sport very similar design and functionality to Apple's buds. I.. Your Premier Source For iPhone's And iPod'sThe Urbanista Copenhagen Headphones have a great product packaging design but it all stops there.The headphones. Review of the Urbanista London True Wireless Earbuds, at £129 some of the most budget-friendly Active Noise Cancelling buds of 2020. They're considerably che.. Urbanista Athens är smidiga och knappt synbara. De är designade att stanna kvar i örat genom din aktiva dag (och natt). En silikonflärp håller hörluren säkert på plats i innerörat. Du kan med fördel byta silikondelarna för att hitta den perfekta passformen för just dig wireless headphones Enjoy the freedom of our wireless headphones with different functionalities, colors, and styles to fit your needs. Urbanista offers a range of headphones; from the simple and elegant to ones with more technically advanced features such as Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones

Urbanista Miami review: noise cancelling headphones that sound almost as good as they look Urbanista Miami are affordable, well made, over-ear headphones with epic battery life. Here's our review Urbanista Miami review: A cheap AirPods Max alternative that keeps playing for days The Urbanista Miami sets a new standard for affordable noise-cancelling headphones

Urbanista has covered a lot of audio air miles over the past 10 years. In that time, its range of headphones has taken us on a whistlestop tour of some of the world's greatest cities, including. Urbanista Athens are smooth and barely visible in the ear. They are designed to stay put throughout your active day (and night). A silicone loop holds the piece firmly in place in the inner ear Urbanista New York ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. grammarly.com. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. Urbanista Stockholm review If you get lucky on the fit and you're more worried about headphones that look the part than sound it, then check these out,.

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Our Verdict. The Urbanista Stockholm true wireless earphones look very stylish, but they lack great sound quality. For those not too fussed about strong sounds, they're a good choice, but for. Our in-house experts give their verdict on the Urbanista Seattle Wireless headphones By Louder 05 November 2018 For well under £100 you'd expect Urbanista's Seattle Wireless headphones to make some significant compromises somewhere to keep the cost down, but there's very little here that gives this best wireless headphones contender's affordable price tag away Urbanista's street look is typical of how ultra-populist portable headphones have developed over the years. Aggressive lines have been toned down, a minimalist approach not only making these headphones gender-neutral but also far more likely to appeal to slightly older buyers Urbanista London review: Like AirPods Pros, with compromises By Simon Cohen August 25, 2020 Urbanista which has become a fairly standard option among ANC earbuds and headphones alike Urbanista Seattle review conclusion. The Seattle headphones look good and feel well made. The hinges that allow them to fold away for easy packing are sturdy. I found the memory foam-packed earcups nice and comfortable and could easily wear the headphones for a few hours. The matte black (or Dark Clown as those crazy Swedes call it) finish of the review sample was also cool

Despite their sub-£50 price tag, the Urbanista Seattle Headphones perform very well. When used for TV and film watching (or rather, listening to) they presented a very clean and crisp soundscape, where vocals sounded precise and pleasant URBANISTA Rio Headphones reviews have an average score of 9.4/10. Find product: 610370057599 from £39.99 at Currys

The Urbanista Berlins are a lot cheaper than most wireless earphones, and it's the price that is likely to draw you in. But poor sound quality, short battery life and comfort that some won't like makes them nigh-on impossible to recommend The Urbanista Stockholm earbuds are really guilty of what Apple's worst critics accuse it of: style over substance. They look great, but an uncomfortable fit (at least in my ears) and so-so sound.. The stem of the Urbanistas is mercifully brief, though, and the pleasantly ergonomic shape of the earbud itself means the stem points forwards slightly rather than hanging straight down from the ear - so the look is slightly more 'Star Trek', slightly less 'part of my earring is missing'

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Urbanista Athens review. Swedish audio brand Urbanista likes to name its products after cities. Which is great while it's got a catalogue of trendy places such as Tokyo, Stockholm and Paris to pick from. Not so much in ten years when it's scraping the barrel and has to release a set of headphones called Sunderland The Urbanista Miami headphones feel like a high-quality product. They are heavy enough to be reassuring but still light enough to wear for long periods without them becoming uncomfortable Urbanista ska inte blandas ihop med Urbanears, det andra svenska hörlursmärket som gör lurar med geografiska namn. De håller sig dock till ungefär samma priskategori där få produkter letar sig över tusenlappen. När det kommer till bluetooth-headset sätter det naturligtvis begränsningar. Inte för att det märks omedelbart ur.

The Urbanista Athens are an unassuming little pair of true wireless earbuds. Between their generic appearance and far-from-premium price, there isn't a lot of outward-facing qualities that would. If you are looking for some good quality, wireless (up to 50 hours on a single charge) headphones with noise reduction at a reasonable price (and you don't get sore ears from other headphones) you will probably be quite pleased with the Urbanista Miami wireless headphones An Alternative for Apple Earbuds. In this review we look at the San Francisco from Urbanista headphones and see if a set of £20 headphones can be any good and would they be ok as a potential replacement or alternative to the Apple Earbuds. Headphones which have come my way have been incredibly hit and miss

Urbanista London review: Active noise cancellation The active noise cancellation on the Urbanista London is impressive. It's light touch, so don't go expecting a completely silent train. Urbanista New York. The Urbanista New York are comfortable, smart-looking headphones offering powerful bass - but... 5 expert reviews. design. bass quality. noise isolation. comfort. Compare. # 5

The Urbanista Miami headphones sound great for the price. They have a warm and bass-oriented sound signature that delivers deep bass that is delivered by 40mm drivers within the headphones. The headphones have been tuned by Axel Grell, who was the chief headphone engineer at Sennheiser from 1991 until a couple of years ago Urbanista Miami review: What do you get for the money? The £129 asking price will net you a pair of wireless over-ear headphones that operate over Bluetooth 5.0 and support both the AAC and SBC. Urbanista Miami review. Active noise-cancelling wireless over-ear headphones . £129. by Simon Lucas. And given that it's difficult (not to mention foolish) to fiddle with the basic design of over-ear headphones, Urbanista has done well to make the Miami look even slightly distinctive. It's amazing what angling an earcup just a little. Urbanista Miami Headphones Review The Urbanista Miami Headphones Deliver High-Quality Sound While Looking Stylish As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and.

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In our latest headphone review, we take a look at the Urbanista Boston earplugs. I've never heard of Urbanista which made me a bit aprehentious about them and at a mid range price they seemed almost too good to be true, after looking at the specs I was ready to try them out. Battery time: Stand-by time 100h Urbanista London review With active noise cancellation, great sound quality and a decent fit, the Londons are Urbanista's most accomplished buds yet Battery life is crucial on any pair of wireless headphones, and Urbanista's claims for the London buds make for impressive reading Urbanista Stockholm Plus Review Outer Ear Wireless Earbuds Check out the review of the Miami ANC headphones. Similar Gadget Explained Reviews. 0 comments Previous Reviews. More Reviews. NETGEAR ORBI Review. Unless you live in a house without walls, you are going to get dead zones.

REVIEW: Urbanista Paris Wireless Headphones Paris, je t'aime It's no surprise that as the tech gets more accessible, truly wireless earbuds are getting cheaper. However, despite a wealth of wire-free headphones flooding the market, not all of them are worthy of your dough Urbanista Seattle Headphones Review 1st April 2018 , The Lifestyle Youthful Swedish audio brand Urbanista creates headphones and earphones 'that make it easy for you to listen to your favourite music wherever your daily life takes you, without compromising on either audio quality or style'

However Urbanista have managed to pack an excellent 8 hours playback into the earbuds, with the case extending this to 32 hours in total. Urbanista Athens have a mid-range price of £119/$129 which we considered pretty reasonable for what you get with these true wireless headphones Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds are Urbanista's flagship earbuds, combining all the best features of their other headphones. Choose from four colors: Rose Gold, White Pearl, Midnight Black, and Navy. All-around great Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds: What I like. These are great every day, everywhere earbuds

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Product Review: The Urbanista Stockholm wireless earbuds offer truly wireless headphones at a more affordable price than big brand pairs - what they call 'true freedom'. Are these the smart choice to avoid paying over-the-odds?.. Urbanista San Francisco Earphone Review. We take a look at a couple of earbuds from Urbanista: this one for the San Francisco earphone aimed at those looking for an affordable yet decent pair of earbuds especially as a stylish alternative to Apple's stock buds. Read more about the Urbanista San Francisco earphones in this #B2G review Urbanista says its solar-powered headphones can basically play endlessly The Urbanista Los Angeles ANC set can convert all light into power The Urbanista Boston headphones have their faults but if you can overcome their connectivity issues, they offer fantastic value for money at a price of just £60. Let's start in positive fashion.

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With a carry case doubling as a charger, the Urbanista Tokyo wireless headphones produce great sound for the listener and are comfortable to wear. Read the full GHI review Urbanista Athens True Wireless review: We've had headphones that fit better and sound less muddied, such as the Urbanista Athens True Wireless

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Urbanista continues to evolve their technology though and with that comes a superior listening experience. The Miami headphones definitely have a heavier bass tone to them than the AirPods Max. In testing the Miamis out, I connected to both my AirPods Max and the Miami headphones using my iPhone 12 Pro This has helped many customers facing bluetooth connection troubles! 6) When answering phone calls, it could be that your call is being answered on the phone versus through the headphones. Check if Urbanista headphones are chosen when answering a call Urbanista Seattle review. While the buttonless interface takes a bit of getting used to, the Urbanista Seattle is a peerlessly comfortable and elegant pair of headphones, with incredible sound for the money Urbanista Seattle Headphone Review Fresh on the market is the Seattle headphones from Urbanista, a higher end product from their ever growing range of audio equipment. If you've read any of our other Urbanista reviews you will know that we like and use there products a lot around the office and the reason The Good Housekeeping Institute tests and reviews to find the best headphones. Buy the best headphones for you with the tried and tested reviews at goodhousekeeping.co.uk/institut

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Headphone reviews Urbanista Seattle Wireless review: An affordable on-ear ace Mike Lowe , Reviews editor · 2 October 2017 Urbanista's Athens True Wireless Sport earbuds ($129.99) are waterproof, sport-oriented wireless earbuds engineered to withstand sweat and more by virtue of their IP67 rating. They are priced. I n the search for the best wireless headphones, you quickly encounter three levels of 'purity'.. First, there are 'true wireless' headphones, which are basically two ear plugs that have no. Shop Urbanista Seattle Bluetooth Headphones [ SIGNATURE URBANISTA SOUND ], Up to 12 Hours Play Time, Call-Handling with Microphone - Dark Clown. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders These Urbanista headphones were exactly what I was looking for - I was initially hesitant to order them because I'd never heard of the brand before and they had no reviews on Amazon, but I took a risk and I'm glad I did

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Urbanista has not let me down. The London ANC True Wireless Earphones are a great set of headphones. They have a lot of premium features and are priced less than many of its premium counterparts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone seeking out a set of true wireless earbuds Find Deals on Beats Studio Wireless Headphones in Electronic Accessories on Amazon Ljudet i Urbanista-lurarna är inte lika skrälligt som i en mobilhögtalare, men Urbanista Stockholm har heller inte mycket av det vi förväntar oss av ett par hörlurar idag, inte ens när man tar med det lägre priset med i beräkningen. Inte heller för samtal lever lurarna upp till förväntningarna Omdöme. Urbanista Detroit känns plastiga, har tveksam kvalitet, sitter inte särskilt bekvämt och låter inte särskilt bra. Dessutom är batteritiden sämst i vårt test. Betyget räddas något av att de är lätta, vikbara och har tydliga och lättåtkomliga knappar Urbanista är en mindre svensk aktör med främst hörlurar men även ett par mindre högtalare i produktportföljen. Vi har tidigare testat modellen Milan, tillverkarens in ear-hörlurar med bygel, liksom true wireless-modellen Tokyo. Den förstnämnda gjorde riktigt bra ifrån sig medan den andra lämnade en del att önska

They sound good, they're stylish, they support Google Assistant and Siri, and they'll last for days. Urbanista promises 40 hours of ANC playback, which we got in our testing with time to spare Swedish headphone brand Urbanista makes plenty of affordable Bluetooth earphones with a wire connecting the two buds, but this is its first crack at a truly wireless option - and it's a solid. URBANISTA San Francisco Headphones Reviews. Taking a combination of customer reviews from the leading retailers, such as Currys, Amazon and eBuyer, the review score is built to give you an accurate impression of how good the URBANISTA San Francisco Headphones is from real genuine owners. The average score for similar products is 8.2, so the 9.6 overall score for URBANISTA San Francisco Headphones puts it above the rest and a real contender Urbanista Headphones are very much about Urbam Chic with an emphasis on design and presentation. This is immediately obvious when you open the packaging. The boxes are very stylish and open with a satisfying magnetic click. These look far more like something you expect to find enclosing a high end watch or a piece of jewellery

Hi guys, I just saw these portables on a Swedish website, so I looked up Urbanistas website to get some more info. I like the look of them, tangle free flat cable, clean metal design etc, but I have no idea if they're actually good or not. This is the first time I hear about this brand.. Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones Review By Catherine Balavage in Featured, Gadgets & Electronics, Life & Style, Shopping; 504. SHARES. Share Tweet. Spread the love. Okay, first thing first: the Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones are not only gorgeous, but damn sexy These well-built headphones have a great build quality and a stable fit. Their neutral sound profile is also suitable for a variety of audio content. Thanks to their ANC, they can cut down an impressive amount of noise around you and they have minimal audio leakage, so you shouldn't bother your coworkers if you like to listen to your favorite mixes at a high volume The sound quality is great - I've read a few other reviews that complain the bass isn't great, but as I don't like a heavy bass anyway that doesn't bother me, not that I really noticed any problem with it - and the wireless connectivity is flawless - I've been able to leave my phone upstairs and walk downstairs with the headphones on, and only get an occasional skip, but I've never had a problem when my phone has been well within range, plus I love the fact that.

Review: Urbanista Detroit Budget Headphones With Budget

Urbanista has done a great job designing these with comfort, ease of use and quality sound. I use them on a daily basis and outside of the phone issue, haven't had a problem with them De äkta trådlösa in-ear-hörlurarna Urbanista Tokyo recenseras. GameElites resa är lång. Allt startade i juli 1997 då Barnens Multimedia lanserades och år 2000 bytte sajten namn till RecLandet, en förkortning för RecensionsLandet. År 2005 bytte vi till vårt nuvarande namn, GameElite, och sajten fick en ny, uppfräschad design The Urbanista Los Angeles headphones is the first of its kind as it is a solar-powered device that should not run out of power as long as you're always in the presence of sunlight and even.

Urbanista New York Noise Cancelling Headphones | PortableUrbanista Seattle Review –Urbanista Boston Sports Earphones REVIEW | MacSources

The headphones simply listen out for you to say Hey Siri or OK Google and respond in kind; it's a handy feature which avoids you needing to press any buttons The earphones are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and support AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs, but not AptX. Urbanista estimates the London's battery life to be roughly five hours, with an extra 20. Although its built-in 750mAh battery can be charged traditionally via USB-C and offers up to a respectable 50 hours of battery life, the real appeal to these headphones is the solar charging

Urbanista Athens True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Black

Urbanista New York is a full-feature headphone with a pocket-friendly price of 180 USD. They will get compared to FiiO EH3 NC, Grado SR80e, and 1More Triple Driver Headphones. Since they are a Bluetooth Headphone with ANC, they don't get a pairing, they will sound a bit better on Bluetooth, and that's the way they are supposed to be used Ultimately, the Urbanista London delivers on what it promises, and is one of the stronger offerings in the $150 mark. Although its design is unremarkable, ergonomics are satisfactory After ages comparing different on-ear headphones, to replace my ageing AKG's, I chose these Urbanista Seattle's based on the mainly positive reviews (both on Amazon and elsewhere), and I liked the look. However, one received, these are my initial experiences/opinions: 1. Comfort = 2/5 - I have a big head with equally big ears, plus I wear glasses Urbanista Berlin review conclusion. The Urbanista Berlin look impressive and are well packaged. Unfortunately, they're not that comfortable and their sound quality is fairly poor. Battery life is decent but not outstanding. If you're looking for some fitness earphones, perhaps spend a little more money and grab some Skullcandy XTfree buds. Urbanista Berlin price and availabilit A modern and contemporary headphone brand that bring you funky and practical designs, Urbanista will help you listen to music in style. The Detroit are one of their on ear headphones and are lightweight and have a clean and timeless design. They're ideal for home, work or on the go and have a great 12-hour playtime

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