Why do I still love him after he hurt me

After all the hurt, why do I still love him/her me or not come around for about aweek!! but why am i hangin on still to this day ,i seem to never giv e up the more he hurts me the more i miss him like earlier i was doing fine then of coarse he shows up and has to leave rite away so then i of coarse get really hurtand. BUT the point is, most guys are the same at this age and i think they start getting a clue when they are at least 20!! usually a guy that YOU go after is a **** but the guy that goes after you is usually one that cares (sometimes) most good looking guys are just ****. but usually the not best looking guys are the sweetest(: (not in my case though lol) i would just forget that loser. i know you still love him but just take your mind off him. throw away everything that reminds you of him. So now I don't even know how to carry on - I guess he felt I 'needed him' to be happy when I don't - I do have deep attachment and feelings for him - I don't think he will ever realize how much I truly love him - but right now he is a self sacrificing person and he feels if I truly love him I'll let him 'go' because when you love someone you respect their feelings and the idea you don't 'need them for your happiness' I been emotionally unstable ever since and I tried to be his friend because he means the world to me but it just made me more unstable. I texted him asking if I had done anything wrong to let me know so we can give this another shot. He turned me down because he was so paranoid about what people here would do if they found out but no one knows and we leave in a month and I just want him in my arms again even after he hurt me. I feel in love with him We met in 2004 we went out for a year and then he stopped calling. He messaged me on yahoo a year later saying im sorry i didnt mean to hurt you I would understand if you hate me, im just messaging to let you know i still love you. Then we went out again for another another year or so but he seemed a little different more calm and collected about himself i guess

It is always wise for a girl/woman to love/marry a man who loves her than to whom she loves .If the man you love hurts you,please do not be after him. It may be possible that he loves some one else, may be he is having some deficiencies to handle women which he is not disclosing,may be he is disliking you..any thing You have got to be supportive of him right now. The second is trust. He needs to know that you won't do this to him again and that will be based on the friendship that you hope to rekindle. Trust will need to be re-established over time but if you really love him, then do that...LOVE HIM. Right now, all you can do is wait We shared love for as long as i could remember,but suddenly everything changed,everything i does irritates him and he picks on me at any point,with these I was deeply hurt by My ex husband,he hurts me emotionally,and did a lot behind me which i don't know about,yet he constantly accuses me of cheating on him while i was totally faithful and submissive to him. but thanks to Media lord for.

After all the hurt, why do I still love him/her? - Survive

  1. Whether you take him back or not after that will depend on many other factors, and should be done with caution if you do. 1. He stops the affair. Knowing that you are about to leave him scares him.
  2. By allowing your pain to flow, you're dealing with it and then you can start to heal, otherwise, it will make a reappearance where you least expect it (an not in a healthy way). 2. He was not the right guy for you. If he didn't get how amazing you are, he was not the right one for you
  3. You can still love because you know loving is worth the pain. Because love forgives, keeps no record of wrongs, is kind, and is hopeful. Love endures. But loving him this time means loving him from a distance. Loving him as a friend. Loving him enough to let him be. Loving him with no expectations whatsoever. Loving him because it's the right thing to do. Loving him because you always will
  4. It is never a good idea to let anybody play with your heart. If he loves to do so, then get a hold of yourself and show him the door. You might like the way you are being victimized, but girl it is doing you no good. If you think that by allowing him to do so he will love you or stick with you, then you are wrong.It is not love, it is more like abuse
  5. 17. Remember you will find someone who will never hurt you the way he did. You might feel this pain again, but every time that it happens you become stronger. Letting people in shows your courage and it shows that you are hopeful. When you decide to let love in again, hopefully it will be with the right person
  6. Your Hurt me Quotes for Him or Her. 51. The day i set my eyes on you, I was happy because you have all the qualities a good man should have. I love you, and want you to know this fact that I have forgiven you. 52. I am always in love with you, no matter what happened between us, I have accepted every responsibility
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Your brain is no exception to a toxic connection, even years after a breakup. It's normal to still care about someone who was once a big part of your life It's not my thing he said.I felt ill once again. I was struggling to accept and I talked and asked advices from internet , people etc. I stayed with him for another year but I just couldn't , I started feeling used by him so I left him. Soon after he blocked my contact number . He didn't love me. He too didn't reach out or looked for me

He broke up after completing school. I paid for his national service registration and this was my reward. We were very cool as at that time. I was very hurt when he broke up with me so I blocked him everywhere possible to get over him. He called me to allow him to atleast check up on me. I thought he'd come back but all he does is checking up He Is Not Here, So Why Do I Still Love Him. By: Robert Porter. Updated November 08, 2019. Your relationship might have been too superficial to stand the test of time, but this doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt when your boyfriend is no longer around He sent me pic of teddy bear I gave him with its back turned to me. What was that?! Thanked him for lett ing him know he was ok and told him I was still hurt and upset and needed him to fix it. Nothing. I figured I would write him off but I love the guy. And it getting to me no matter what I do How to Tell a Man He Has Hurt You. At some point, the actions of others may result in you getting hurt. If a man has hurt you, you may struggle with how to tell him about your feelings. You can do this by spending some time thinking about..

Why Do I Still Want Him, After All The Hurt He Caused

In this video I will give you 7 signs you hurt him and you will be able to determine if your love in the relationship still has a chance! Love is not easy an.. Many women ask themselves, why do guys act like they don't care after a breakup. If you're one of those women and you're curious as to why your ex nonchalantly continues to move on without a care in the world, know that there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. That explanation is that your ex is hiding certain feelings about the breakup and doesn't want you, nor anyone else to know. I can still list every reason I stayed with my partner after he I realized that I never wanted to dismiss him or hurt him. If You Cheat On Someone, You Do Not Love That Person. By Gigi Engle (He has never been fully emotionally present because of his PTSD). The problem is I feel like a trauma victim having lived with him. I know he still loves me

Why do I miss him after he made me suffer so much I feel like I didn't matter to him at all and he couldn't care less about how much he's hurt me and I still miss him every second of you'll have the confidence to go after it! As always, I'd love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to leave your comment or question. His actions consistently reinforced that he wasn't open to the type of relationship I wanted, at least not with me. That didn't mean he intended to hurt me, or that he was a bad guy. It just meant that he wasn't available or interested in being there for me in the way I knew I needed. Or more bluntly put: for whatever reason, he did not care

Why Do I Miss My Ex Boyfriend When He Treated Me So Ba

But he's no longer in your life in the way he used to be. You still think you genuinely feel love for him, despite the fact that he's no longer a major part of your life for a reason: he is a jerk. He hurt you, probably repeatedly. And you know in your heart of hearts that you have no business ever having a relationship or probably even having any sort of friendship with him. But you still miss him a lot -- even if he was and is bad for you Don't take it personally. It has everything to do with him and nothing to do with you. 2. Seeing him with a new chick is one of the hardest pills to swallow, especially so soon after the breakup. BUT, that only means he's not over you, guys who process their emotions in a healthy way don't just jump from one relationship to another Expressing your love without any inhibitions and showing him that he is a top priority will go a long way in mending your relationship after a fight. Eventually, he will realize he has been ignoring you - the one most important person in his life, and he will confront you directly to resolve the matter

But an emotionally absent man is stewingand the longer he holds his resentment in, the more strained your relationship becomes. Ask him what's wrong and if he tries to deny it, let him know that you can sense his frustration and that you want to talk it over. 3. He's gone from being the pursuer to the pursued 20. Even though you hurt me, I still love you and I forgive you because my heart is capable of forgiving you. 21. My heart is ready to love you and the only way to do so is to forgive every hurt you cause me and let go every offence. 22. Even though you hurt me, I still love you so I forgive you in order for me to be alright, happy, and contented. 23 This does happen quite often. A guy may feel an initial attraction and interest in a girl who he chooses then to start dating. However, as he begins to learn more and more about her and they interact, he realizes that he doesn't feel this chemistry as much anymore

Why after he hurt me do I still love him? Yahoo Answer

'She was bullied in school', ' he had a horrible childhood', ' she was ill-treated by her relatives', ' he lost his father', etcetera will be your excuses. Since the person has already showered their love upon you, it will be hard for you to believe that they are abusive. Even after leaving them, you will still miss your abusive ex It's such a devastating experience to go through a breakup when you don't expect it, to see someone who you've shared so much suddenly go totally cold without reasonThen no matter how hard I try to love myself, find calm and peace, go about my day, loving and caring after my kids and slowly getting some sanity back - to have these gut-wrenching moments when it all crushes me and I just miss him so much that I can't breathe and the void just seems like it will swallow me

Other than Him, those external successes - men, pretty clothes, new iphones, trendy hairstyles, promotions at work, new cars, weight loss, Botox - are fleeting. They may bring you happiness in this moment, but they won't last. 5. Comfort and hope for the times you're missing him I cant forgive or forget. and I do know because I still love him (the guy who didnt just brake up with me he killed me.) if he did lie to you then he isnt going to stop. he hits you once, he'll hit you again. lie to you once he'll lie again. everyone is telling me that braking up is part of life. it hurts like hell. but one day youll find a guy who would give his life for you...I wish you luck...we both hurt, just do one thing dont let him kill you inside He agreed he thought things were going somewhere and apologized stating after my last comment about being hurt he supposedly thought I was not wanting to talk to him anymore, a long with him being out of town for awhile for work and his crazy schedule (he does work 80 plus hours a week sometimes) so apprehensively I went to dinner we had an amazing time and he treated me great just like always. You still love him and want him back. Which is fair, you never got what you wanted out of the relation. If you think that he could do better this time and the two of you can work it out, go for it. Our blessings are with you and your rationalized game plan. You feel hurt and the only thing that can make you feel better is to see him hurt

Why do i love a guy still after he has hurt me twice

The reasons men abuse are varied and complex. There's never one single reason; it's a combination of past experiences, personality, coping mechanisms, and even the current culture. For example, in some families or communities it's acceptable to emotionally abuse women by talking down to them, calling them names, ignoring them, or bullying them he said he still loves me while/after breaking up.. why do they do this? sometimes i feel like it hurts more than them just falling out of love One of the reasons why a man pulls away is because his feelings for you are slowly developing. The problem is most men are egocentric and they just hate the fact that if they fall in love, they will be vulnerable. They are afraid that the girl may not be feeling the same way for them so they tend to pull away That's exactly it : It's the rejection in itself which hurts. Because I do not love myself enough, the little I did get from him (and am still hoping to get) keeps me hanging in there, clinging to illusion. I will re-read this post often - it just needs to sink in that I cannot find what I really need on the outside

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He didn't say anything about his feelings but asked for my new phone number and we talked for a little bit, and he still offered to help me with financial because he heard from my friend who told him about my problems, he felt sorry for all the unlucky things that happened to me in this 2 years, And he wished that he shouldn't broke up with me, but this is what he said to my friend, and my. She hypothesized: A couple is more likely to stay married after an affair when they thoroughly discuss the whole situation. 55% of those who discussed the situation very little were still married (living together). 78% of those who discussed the situation a good bit were still married (and living together) This is self-explanatory, but basically, if your ex keeps reaching out to you it is a great sign that they feel there is some unfinished business between the two of you. If your ex is doing this, he/she likely still has feelings for you. Your ex is curious about your life He's told me he's sorry so many times and I don't worry that he's doing those things anymore. So, why am I still hurting? Is there anything I can do to get through this month without.

Why do I still love someone who hurts me so badly

A man will hold back his love from you for many reasons. You're about to learn what some of them are, how it's connected to having different relationship needs than yours, and why this passive aggressive stance man mat take appears silent and unresponsive to the love you want to give him. He's Holding Back His Love Out Of Fear. It's hard to imagine that a man might be less afraid of walking. Nothing. Your ex knows that if they give you a reason, you may try to change their mind, or do everything to try to make the relationship work — something they don't want you to do. 3. Your ex is mean to you (and/or angry at you) most of the time. Break-ups can bring out the mean in even the sweetest of us He was a longtime alcoholic, but quit (cold turkey) four or five years before he left. I have not been able to get over my pre-divorce delusion that our marriage was solid, and that he loved me deeply. And I have not been able to shake my own love for him, even though he hurt me so deeply. Now I do not trust myself for having been so wrong

RELATED: Why Men Leave Women They Love. 1. He has the I don't really care attitude. He may act like the entire breakup had zero effect on him, but that's just a coping mechanism. If he's trying. Now let's talk about what to do when he's ignoring you: 1. Don't badger him. I know you're upset and confused and hurt, but don't demolish your dignity by badgering him and trying to corner him into talking to you. He knows where to find you, so just leave him alone. MORE: Why He's Ignoring You. 2. Don't sub-tweet hi

I Hurt Him, He Moved On, But I Still Love Him

I do believe he loved me, along with all you said. I've searched everywhere and can find nothing to ease my suffering. Its true pain. I am so deeply in love with him, despite his awful parts. He is the only one who can comfort me or has ever been able to. No one has known me like him, or hurt me so deeply. I'm utterly lost, and sinking my boyfriend betrayed me. and at that time he want to leave, but he can't, and he still will come and find me, i love him, so i give everything to him, and then he's come back to me, he's very good to me, bring me to a lot of place, he said he's touched by my love, but at last i notice actually he got another girl, but seems they finished already, i'm heart broken, i want to hate him but now. It is a love that I was taught when I was a little girl. People in this world are going to hurt me. They have, and they will again. They will love me and they will hate me. Sometimes they will do both, as you have decided to do. You have shattered my heart, but you have not shattered my love. Love is not something that is cast aside and broken Do not tell him that you miss him, love him, or want him back yet. Don't text him repeatedly if he does not answer back. Wait at least a few days or a week before trying again. If he never answers back, do not continue contacting him My ex broke up with me in our aniversary said he wanted to focus on himself than 2 days later he was with someome else its been almost 2 months and they still together i am focusing on me but its hard not to think of how bad he hurt me 18 months and he trew me away like i was nothing after everything i did for him

Do I Still Like Him? This is a quiz to help you figure out whether or not you still like your crush. It'll be based on my experience, which I think is probably pretty universal and will apply to most other people. I really hope it helps. I know it hurts, and that it can sometimes help to get an objective opinion The article below explains 11 reasons why he's keeping you around if he has no interest in a relationship with you. It's important to know the reasons why he might be doing this, so you can weigh up which ones you can live with, and which you think are not worth your time or energy. 1 You're Having Sex With Him Love Gone Wrong. Sometimes I wonder how you do it. How can you sit back and watch yourself hurt someone so bad and not feel any guilt? You say things to me, about me, or behind me. And you still look at me the same way. With those eyes of green searching for the answers inside me 8 Questions | By Phynex1184 | Last updated: Nov 18, 2020 | Total Attempts: 7236. Love is a mystery and there is no definite reason why we feel such way. Would you like to know why you love him so much? Simply take this quiz to find out now! Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt

How to Stop Loving Someone Who Hurt You Emotionall

I find it hard to believe he is hurting, because when I DID contact him the first week after it happened, he didn't seem phased by it at all. He said he was sorry and didn't want me to do this to myself blah blah, but he didn't seem to show any regret. And also, I know its not easy to break up with someone. Maybe you traveled a lot with work. Maybe you didn't want to have children ever but he/she did. Maybe a jealous ex-spouse was causing trouble and would always be in the picture.-Your boyfriend or girlfriend believed that you didn't truly love them and would not stay long term.. So rather than continue to get closer to you, they cut their losses so that you would not hurt them in the future Some of us may be afraid to let go of our anger because, in a strange way, it keeps us connected to the person who has hurt us. Anger is a form of intense (albeit negative) attachment, just like love The man i wanted to marry left me 3 months to our wedding ceremony and my life was upside down.he was with me for 4 years and i really love him so much..he left me for another woman with no reasons..when i called him, he never picked up my calls and he don't want to see me around himso,when i told the man what happened. he helped me to do some readings,and after the readings he made me to.

4 tips for dealing with divorce when you still love him. 1. Do not retaliate or act out. The momentary urge to get even or act on hurt feelings can be difficult to resist. Taking action in the midst of hurt or anger may be satisfying and feel good in the moment, but be aware that acting on this urge will have consequences Lana Del Rey's monologue at the end of Nathional Anthem Why does it happen and what can you do when your love for someone is so strong? Some people say that love hurts only when you are afraid of losing the person you have next to you. But, I really don't share that opinion because I was in a long-term relationship in which I didn't have any fear of losing my partner but it still hurt me. Love.

So if you are asking yourself, Why do I still love this person that hurt me so much?consider the fact that you are grieving the loss of a relationship that you chose to leave. And what you feel is natural to that experience I know I gave myself closure a long time ago when I finally realized (painfully) that nothing would happen between me and the EUM- I've moved on, re-created my life, yet in down times, I think of him. I do still vaguely wish he'd try to call me, but it's never happened in a year and doubt it ever will. I guess I feel I still love him Maybe that's why your heart broke - because I couldn't be a bad enough person to make you fall out of love with me. When it comes to marriage, consistency is. The man you love is no longer by your side because you had decided to leave him. He's hurt, he's angry, and you're wondering if he could ever forgive you and take you back. In this article we will take a look at what he's feeling, what to do to make him want you back, and what to expect along the ride Home Love & Relationship What To Do When He Hurts Your Feelings. Love & Relationship; What To Do When He Hurts Your Feelings. By. Lakeisha Ethans - Let us face it, guys are wired completely differently than we are - so, you may have to explain to him why his actions hurt your feelings

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5 Signs He Still Loves You Even After He Cheated

He still tells me he loves me and only me but I feel like the only time he does is when we're having sex, with that being said I truly feel used he doesnt seem happy with me anymore and sometimes I feel like he goes out of his way to do milisious things so he could hurt me and make me want to want out and end things so he doesnt have too.. hes never really around anymore and I miss him. he having an affair for months, we fight often because of the same reason. i even posted his affair on media he got mad he want us to separate but he always make the first move to make up. if i mad and wants us to separate even ask him why he dont leave me alone and get over with him but he gets mad at me but then he do the first move to talk to me. if we fight we dont talk to each other for. He probably thinks I still love him and that makes me so angry. I want him to suffer. Reply. Tracey June 23, 2018 at 8:56 am I was very much hurt when he left me after taking my money to invest in his hotel and then run off with a tourist who stayed in his hotel.now he is having a new life new family he did not have courage to even apologise

I am still in love with him it was only 4 months ago that we broke up but he says he loves me but he is no longer in love with me. He still looks at me like he loves me but he is hot and cold wth me how do I tell if he just loves me as a friend or if he loves me as more and is trying not too I could still want the best for him without letting him continue to hurt me, and harm our family. My Ex-Husband Divorced Me, I Miss Him. It's bad enough when I decide I've had enough and divorce my ex-husband, but it can feel even worse if my ex-husband divorces me, and I miss him. Or if my husband left me and I still love him I was having issue with my boyfriend, he was always lying to me, keeping secrete, flirting around, i love him and wanted him to change but it got worst that he have to break up and left me heart broken, i was out of my mind, i wanted him back because i want to get married to him in feature, i could not fall in love again b'cos my heart still beat for him, i was lucky that my problem became. Posts Related to Do I Love Him? 8 Signs That You Do Have Strong Feelings for Him That We Thought You Would Like: Staff Picked Interesting Articles Worth Reading 4 Signs You're in Love with Him and It Is Not Just a Whim. There is a difference between true love and lust, and it takes a lot of introspection to recognize one from another He saw your message or your missed call, and stillcrickets. Now let's look at why men ignore women. There are 2 main reasons why a man will ignore a woman. first: and this happens the least, if he's in love with you, if he's in a relationship with you and you hurt his feelings, he may withdraw and ignore you

After I was done being hurt, I felt sorry for every person stuck in your web of deceit. Each and every person who was lured in, as I was, as my lover was and her lover after me. Maybe you felt you had it coming, all the people who believed you, and some past hurt in your childhood gave you the right to hurt others back That hurts. I'm still trying to her husband. she told me he could solve all marital and health problems. we contacted him and i narrated my story to him. so he promised to help me do a love spell to help me get him back home to me. so after 24hours he was done with the spell and my husband called me on and told me that he is very sorry. I'm deeply hurt. And especially with my depression problem it's worse. At times I get the urge to harm myself that way I wouldn't feel a thing. I still love him. I'm still in love with him. He said that he couldn't do it anymore cause the distance was hard for him and that he still loves me and won't forget me but that still wounded me

Why does it hurt so bad when he treated you so badly? I hate to break it to you, but although your heart is breaking and the love you felt for him is real, part of the reason it is so hard to get over him and you hurt so bad is your ego.. Right from the start we were in a mating dance with the narcissist and we fell for the oldest tricks in the books, he played to our ego and we folded and. I hurt him before when I never understood his kind of person because he always says he is right always, he refuses to admit to mistakes , if he talks rudely and I complain he will say I don't like to hear the truth, but if i talk the same way he will pick offense and ignore me for days, but he still do everything for me, he buy me gifts pay most of my bills even when he is ignoring me, I don. He is taking you out, he is inviting you over for a movie, and so on. This means he likes you. If he wouldn't want to hang out with you or if he is interested in you just because of other things like sex, for example, he wouldn't call you to go out and want the two of you to spend that much time together. He feels good being around you but he won't admit it to you yet When we leave a narcissist or the narcissist discards us, there's always the worry that he/she will move on to become a different person.Although we know he's still an asshole, we imagine that he's truly in love now and as happy as can be and we just don't get it.. Social media may even confirm this for us as we get obsessed about stalking the narcissistic ex on every avenue possible

What you told this woman has given me a lot of relief. I did not know that he could still hear me all the time, and that he's listening to me when I'm telling him things, things to do ways to come through. I hope he knows how much I was madly in love with him and still am. I love him as if he still standing right here Why? I'm not that sure. Something inside me told me it was time. Isn't that the lamest, most asinine reason you've ever heard? The final years of our marriage had been drenched in kids, stress, a. Many women wonder why men cheat even if they still love their wives or on a woman is betrayal and it hurts, so it's very selfish to do it. If YOU don't like the truth, never be with a woman. Have all the physical stuff all by yourself. We I forgave him. He then went again cheated on me after he deny the truth that he. What hurts is when u loved some1 for a long time n then they moved away n made promises n left that hope that we are still gonna be together n nothings gonna come between us that no matter the distance our love will still grow but things changed he changed he betrayed my trust n now I feel as though I can never love again although I might have moved on just to get over that I still love him n. I begged for him not to leave me but he said he couldn't answer it now. I asked him if he still loves me, he said yes. Now I dont know what to do. Should I cut contacts with him or what. He just called me last night, but just to ask how are my kids and parents doing. It was only 2 minutes call. Now, I put both my mobiles to airplane mode

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I broke up with him day before yesterday because he did not like me wearing certain clothes and talking to other guys. Now he says he has changed his thinking. He really loves me a lot but i dont want to be controlled. I cant stop crying and he still texts me. What do i do. Should i give him a second chance. He says he will die without me I know he says now that he would take anything over what he is going through and wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy, but it's still hard not to feel like during the hardest time in our lives, when we had 3 kids under 5 to care for, a home to buy, so much to do, I was here working and suffering because I was being shut out by him again and again and he just got to have fun - as always I was so excited to be alone with him. He seemed to rush me through walmart. No sweet PDA at all. No hand holding, nothing. We went to eat and I ended up crying in the bathroom and J told him very clearly it was him making me feel like he didn't want to be seen with me. Even after that, he still DID NOT take me do anything He insinuates that he cheated on me because my own behavior drove him to it. Sometimes, I feel like replying that if I'm such a horrible person, what is he doing still married to me. But then I become afraid that I don't want to know the answer to that question He also said that I was a very special woman and that he would not forget me. I still think about him and wonder if we would get back together some day. he's the one that I commented about on the prior post. After some of the commenters accusing me of being controling, I felt as if the break-up was my fault These words are still hurting me every single day. I fell in love with the same guy I loved 7 years ago. We waited this long for us to be back together again. But then I don't know what happened, why suddenly his love for me changed and faded out. I took the risk and gave us another chance, but still in the end, he hurt me, he just lied to me

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